Are you sick and tired of having to pressure yourself into doing and being things that just aren’t you?

Discover a new, magical and practical way of creating the life of your dreams!

Welcome to The Magic Makers 🤩
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$7 a Month – Cancel Anytime!

Stop feeling frustrated, dissatisfied or stressed about how your life turned out.

Instead, learn how to get off the constant problem-solving wheel and create the energy-filled, relaxed and abundant life you desire.

Join my all-inclusive membership ‘The Magic Makers’ if you are tired of not living the wonderful life you know should be possible and are ready to make it happen (with ease)!

$7 a Month – Cancel Anytime!

Some members voices:


You are tired of…


over-thinking your life.


feeling discouraged about the future ahead.


the numerous fruitless attempts at change.


the underlying air of "I am somehow wrong".

Now you’re looking for a better way to finally start creating the joyful and abundant life you deep down know (but often doubt) is possible for you.

You want an extraordinary and enthusiastic life so…

you thought about making bold changes in your circumstances, like your job, location or relationships...

BUT fear, doubt and that nagging sense of impossibility, undoableness and all those reasons why you can’t and shouldn’t incapacitated your ability to change.

you considered or even tried inner work like mantras, affirmations, journaling & guided meditations etc...

BUT it never really stuck with you, because it was too tedious, time consuming and didn’t really grab you or create the different, totally YOU, life you desire.

you maybe even managed to change some things you thought would make you happy...

BUT you somehow ended up in the same old stressful & draining situations, feeling the same old frustration about your life ­‑ still chasing that deeply joyful and abundant life of your dreams.

Here’s a bold question for you:

What if you could stop being frustrated & stressed with your life and instead,
have an abundance of possible choices within reach to create the amazing life you desire
AND the ability to choose them with ease and trust?

Sounds too good to be true?
Keep reading and I’ll show you that it’s possible!


How do I know?

🤩 I now have clarity on what I would like my life to be like
(which often changes and that’s allowed! What a relief!).

🤗 I can easily invite more possibilities into my life when I feel stuck.

🧐 and I can identify which choices will move me closer to my desires.

💪 I no longer avoid being committed to creating MY life for any (often insane) reason – EVER.

And I want the same & more for you!

I’ll be honest with you

Getting to this point wasn’t easy…

When I started going for an extraordinary and abundant life (on and off at the tender age of 7 – trying to dispel the influence of my abusive stepmother)…

I did have some success.

Very cool “coincidences” showed up, like extensive travel opportunities, living and studying abroad from age 12 and beyond, being somewhat outside of the norm-box with my life choices. So I had quite a good and somewhat extraordinary life.

Still it felt wrong… like so much more was possible that I wasn’t choosing and being – I generally felt I was always somehow wrong.

I kept standing in my own way. Frustration and stress were the order of the day, at my perceived lack of possibilities in…

– my energy and enthusiasm levels.

– the depth and joy of my love and other relationships.

– my job and income satisfaction.

– the extent of my freedom and self-love.

– and what grandness I was capable of creating and being.

It was frustrating!

So I …

found and tried so many mixed methods, messages and philosophies.


Many manifesting techniques


Retreats to heal me, open me and make me right...


Coaching 1-on-1 and in groups


Learning to be a coach and healing modalities... etc.

I gave up and started again a thousand times.

I tried to do it the way other people did it – like the hardcore way for example, or the zealous student way… (and gave up again).

I had long phases of just lounging around in my mediocre and honestly unfulfilling life, twiddling my thumbs, half-heartedly trying this n’ that and waiting for a miracle to occur.

Sound familiar?

And then suddenly, back in 2020, it showed up!

A way to magically and practically create my vibrant dream life, without having to pressure myself into being or doing things that just aren’t me.

And this time, I finally started to see the results
I’d been desiring for so long:


My massage practice started magically booming and I was able to quit my part time job as a physiotherapist that I was still holding on to. 🥳


I was able to generate more than enough income for a much more abundant life with travels, luxury hotels, personal care etc... And to finance the education I desired to become a certified facilitator - around 35'000€! - which previously seemed unachievable. 💸


My dream flat showed up within two weeks of me choosing to dissolve my living arrangement with family that just wasn't beneficial anymore. (And I was able to bravely choose to say goodbye) 🤠


I invited some extraordinary men into my life that are able to go deep with me, are caring, gentle and fun. 💕


I am unwaveringly devoted to creating my extraordinary life and coaching business -

no more on and off Devi! 😅


I no longer have that ingrained, underlying feeling and thinking of somehow being wrong, or doing life wrong!

Even when it does bubble up I can dispel it easily and quickly.

With that comes an immense sense of joy, freedom and possibilities that I never had before. I can choose anything! 😃

And it doesn’t only work for me!

Thousands of others do the same.

So how does it work exactly?

All it takes are

3 Simple Steps

To magically receive and clearly choose the possibilities that create your desired life

Get clear on what you truly desire


Pull your desires to you and clear out anything that is in the way of receiving them

Choose the possibilities that will create your desires


Welcome to…

The Magic Makers

The easy method that will help you effectively and practically create your vibrant dream life
without having to pressure yourself into being or doing anything that just isn’t YOU.

Cancel Anytime!


What we’ll be doing inside

The Magic Makers

Phase 1

Get clear on what you want your life to be like



Clear out any desires that are outdated (or not even yours)

using proven methods to dissolve those “I should desire this”, “this is the correct and proper thing for me to desire” and “This is what I shouldn’t desire, so I’ll just desire the opposite of that”, which is so deeply lodged in our subconscious.


Get crystal clear on YOUR desires

… so that your desires become irresistibly attractive to you and you can barely wait to receive them – making you ready to be and do whatever it takes to get there.


Dissolve anywhere you don’t dare to desire YOUR desires

... so you can release the deeply held belief that you will be selfish and horrid when you go for it, as well as the feeling of how undeserving and unworthy you are of attaining your desires (a total lie btw).

What you’ll get to make this easy:

Desires Clarity Call

Get the crystal clear desires that you can hardly wait to receive

Wow-List & More Playbook

With clarity accelerator questions & prompts

Audio Clearing Loop DESIRE

To enable you to desire WHATEVER you desire
(listen any time, even super quietly while sleeping)

Plug & Play Members Portal

All your goodies in one place – whenever you need them

Phase 2

Pull your desires to you and clear out anything that is in the way of receiving them



Learn how to perceive and pull energy in an effortless and natural way

... so that more possibilities can miraculously show up in your life for you to choose from.


Melt away any barriers you have up to receiving an amazing life

… so that you become receptive to your desires and can perceive when they are knocking on your door.


Start trusting the universe on HOW things will show up for you

… so that you can give up being the limiting control freak, yet without becoming passive in the creation of your life.

What you’ll get to guide you:

4 Live Energy Pull Calls

The Method to magically and pragmatically create your dream life!
With video & audio recordings

Energetic Barrier Melting Session

To uplevel your receiving in every area

Audio Clearing Loop TRUST

To empower you to let go of control and build trust in you and the universe

Phase 3

Choose what aligns with your desires
AND to be and do whatever it takes



Start trusting your perception of when a choice to be or do something is aligned with your desires

… so you can make use of the contributions the universe sends you, towards making your desires a reality – even if the path seemingly doesn’t make any sense (yet).


Become the courageous being you truly are that actually makes those new and different choices

… without loosing who you are and what truly matters to you.


Learn how to be relaxation and space and how that can be an immense contribution to the creation of your living

… so that you can let go of overwhelm and the “do, do, do” that we have been taught creates our lives.

What you’ll get to keep choosing you:

Clear Choices Ahead Call Recording

Know which choices will contribute to you and your desires and which won’t

Audio Clearing Loop COURAGE, BRAVERY & EASE

Choose anew – again & again

Day Planner & Journal

To actually create your joyful and abundant life

Q&A Calls

Submit your questions and I will answer them in a video for you

But wait, there’s even more!

Join today and you’ll also get…

Bonuses to easily become a joyful action taker 🤠

1st Bonus

You can do & Be it!
Facebook Inner Circle Community


Uplift & inspire you with other relaxed life changers


Accountability - Ask for & receive an energy pull playmate


Gifts from Devi - Stay connected & up to date

2nd Bonus

Energy Pull
Quickies Collection


Busy days? 5-10 Minute energy pull collection


Every second energy pull of the month is a quickie and then added to this collection.

3rd Bonus

Joyful Consistency
Workshop & Playbook


Workshop - How to keep going with a sense of joy & freedom


Individual Playbook - To keep you going (also when the going gets tough)

4th Bonus

Dissatisfaction Buster


Training - How to create more and more without the frustrating feeling of never good enough


What if your dissatisfaction isn't a wrongness?

* Special Bonus *

Anti-Relapse Buster


Training - How NOT to recreate your problems once you have reached your targets


And how to NOT give up on going for your dream life - Ever!


I already tried so many things that didn’t help me, why do I need The Magic Makers?

Then let me tell you:

This costs less than a couple of fancy cups of coffee but other than the coffee, this has the potential to change your whole life – bringing you from frustration & stress to clarity, confidence and freedom.


4 Monthly LIVE energy sessions $97


Desire Clarity Training Call $147


Magic Makers Playbook $37


Plug & Play Members Portal $97


Audio Clearing Loop - DESIRE $27


Energetic Barrier Melting Session $47


Audio Clearing Loop - TRUST $27


Clear Choices Ahead - Live Training $147


Audio Clearing Loop - COURAGE, BRAVERY & EASE $27


Individual Day Planner & Journal $37


Monthly Q&A calls $37


Total Value $727


Total Value of all the Bonuses $515

Total Value with Bonuses = $1242

My Price = Only $7/month

Cancel Anytime!


This Membership is for

2 Types of Beings

The Fairly Frustrated Manifestor -Newbie or Seasoned Veteran

You have tried the “normal” way of creating your life or used various manifesting methods. Yet, life hasn’t turned out the way that would make you happy and you are stuck in the rut of mediocrity.
Now you are looking for alternative ways, but you would really like something simple, fun AND effective!

The Seeker of MORE

You desire more and are looking for a way of creating that. Maybe more money, more fun and deep relationships, more travel, more health and vitality, more freedom, more ease and joy…
Maybe even just MORE undefined possibilities for you to choose from and have your life turn up as a beautiful, fulfilling adventure that you can relax and expand in.

Testimonials from my members

Total Value = $1242

Today’s Price = Only $7/month

Cancel Anytime!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I haven’t used energy pulls before and I’m just getting started. Will this still work for me?

A: Yes, this can totally work for you. You are an energetic being, whether you’ve been using this to your advantage so far or not is irrelevant. I immediately started seeing results when I started using this method back in 2020.

Q: I’ve done so much energy and personal development work. Will I still find value?

A: Yes, this solution will work particularly well for you. It’s a great way to finally, consistently create your living the way you would truly like it to be. I too have done so many things before starting this and I didn’t have to throw out the baby with the bathwater here, but could use all my schooling and awareness to create more tangible and subtle magic in my life.

Q: How much support is included?

A: There are 4 live energy pulls every month, where I will also include your troubles, issues and wishes as shared in a facebook thread in our community. On top of that there is a Q&A call every month where I will answer your questions in video format.

Q: I don’t have time to sit around to manifest and journal for many hours each day, will this still work for me?

A: Yes! I too am very busy and sometimes only do the short energy pull every day, sometimes even skip a day or two. Then on other occasions I double down and ask questions, write & create. You can use as little or as much of the content as you like, when you like – there is no right and wrong and what if you can trust you to choose whatever creates more for you in the moment – beyond any rules?

Money Back Guarantee & Cancellation

Q: Is there a money-back guarantee?

A: Yes absolutely! We swear by our training, so much so we offer a 7-Day no-questions-asked money-back-guarantee.

Q: Is there a cancellation notice period or something similar?

A: No, you can cancel anytime, effective immediately.





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