Hi, my name is Devi

What if your

Stress, Worry & Frustration

could easily be changed to

Ease, Joy & Glory?

Ready for change?

Do you, deep down somewhere, think that if you would really go for yourself, your whole life and everything you have worked so hard to build would come tumbling down around you? Change into something you might not want? Be really hard work?

What if that was a load of BS and bringing YOU, your being, back into your life would make everything easier and living a lot more fun? But yes, life as you know it would change – is that what you want?

From this space of BEING YOU all the answers, all the knowing, all the power, clarity, abundance and so much more can be yours!

One major thing I started doing regularily, which opened up many more possibilities for me, is energy pulls. Do you want to try it out?

I am gifting you a Series of
3 Energy Pulls

One is for more Money, one for your lovely Body and one is for beautiful Relationships. You can listen to them over and over and pull in that which you truly desire. I like to pull energy in the mornings, yummy cup of tea in hand. You can do it whenever you like, whatever works for you!

Who is Devi Wieser?

Hey YOU, Beautiful Being 😉

I thought it best to make a little Video for you, so you can get to know me as best as is possible here on the line…

Are you thinking: “Oh Devi, let’s chat about what else is possible, ’cause I am really tired of living life the way it is right now and your words really inspired me to be able to change that together!”

Yes? Ok, lets go for it! 😘


Ways to Work with Me

Coming Soon

In German only

Classes & Events

You would like the tools to choose a greater life with more ease?
Check out my online and in person classes & events!


You desire epic change and in depth private facilitation of your stuff?
Read more here about how you can work with me 1 on 1.

Why are you here?

What Would You Like?

True Freedom?

Did you know you are actually free the whole time? I know it might not actually feel this way all the time – so let’s increase the time you have access to that knowing to more and more and more!

More Possibilities?

Do you have that frustrating sense that you only have a few options to choose from and none really rock your boat?
What if this lack of possibilities is a huge, fat lie?
Let’s get you to that sense of infinite possibilities!

The Power of Choice?

You are one powerful AF being!
This reality is doing it’s utmost to keep you from accessing that power – and for various clever and not so clever reason you’ve chosen to play along. Until now that is…

Lightness & Ease?

How on earth are you supposed to have that, with everything going on in the world and in your personal life?
What if ease and lightness were actually your nature and you could choose them, no matter what is or has been going on?

More Joy?

Now this I am a MF expert in and it’s contagious haha!
What if co-miserating with your brethren and the world is NOT the thing to change it and make it better? What if this false loyalty and it making any difference is another lie?

True Wealth?

Now this is not about money, but includes it too. What if true wealth is having you?
What if, when you have you, you can choose to create anything? What would you like?

Creating Amazing Living

Energetic Alignment
Joyful Action

The easy way to create
your dream life!


Devi coached me in a goal-oriented, mindful, professional way and was able to empathize with me wonderfully. Her fine being made it possible to keep the sessions in a high vibration, for which I am still very grateful to you dear Devi.
Devi is a special being of the new age and it was a pleasure to work with her.
I highly recommend Devi as a coach. 💖

Maria Stutz

Divine Beauty Consultant

Dear Devi,

I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your profound, non-judgmental, loving and mindful guidance.

It is so wonderful, in the truest sense of the word, how you are always able to address all my topics with so much clarity, a sure sense for the truth and at the same time always full of love.

Adele Reitmayer

Spiritual Healing for Cancer

Devi thank you so much for everything. You are great at pointing out where I am creating limitations for myself and have inspired me through identifying new perspectives where I was living through my own conditioning. I often come back to you for pointers and advice and I recommend your services to anyone who wants to experience more joy and celebration in themselves and their life.

Jonathan Driscoll

Dance & Meditation Teacher